The Junk Drawer That is my Mind

Hey, check out my drawers!

Welcome to my junk drawer. Otherwise known as my mind. Much like a junk drawer, I'm often amazed at all of the random things that take up space regularly in my head . It's never empty, it's occasionally organized, it's somewhat chaotic and it's as diverse as lip balm next to matches, open staples next to nail polish, or batteries next to a fortune cookie. We all have at least one junk drawer in our homes (I have two) that we can't seem to live without, and they almost always come to the rescue.  And much like sifting through the thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that constantly run through my head, you can find some real gems when cleaning out your junk drawer. Things you've been looking for, things you've forgotten about, things that bring back memories, and things you no longer have a use for and are ready to part with. So with that, I've decided to occasionally clean out my mental junk drawer and share it with you here in this blog because there may be something in there that you just might need.  And if you don't need it now, you'll know where to find it when you do. 

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